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Monday, July 31, 2006

KKNW Interfaith Talk Radio

Northwest Interfaith Community Outreach takes a step forward with the new, weekly Interfaith Talk Radio Show featuring Rabbi TED FALCON, Muslim Sufi Minister JAMAL RAHMAN and Pastor DON MACKENZIE (Presbyterian). I think they need a Catholic in there, but hey, that's just me.

WHEN: Mondays, 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Discussions center on matters of spirituality, faith, compassion, inclusion and social justice.

You can visit their website and stream the audio broadcasts.

Here's the link:

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Seattle Shooting

Yesterday a middle aged man from the Tri Cities entered the Jewish Foundation building and shot six women, killing one and critically wounding three others. He reportedly announced that he was a Muslim American and was angry at Israel and then opened fire.

So continues the ridiculous, brutal cycle of revenge and reprisal, even against the innocents. And as I watched the news unfold yesterday, I remembered what Pope Benedict XVI had said, just last Sunday, and posted below: "Precisely at this time, a time of great abuse of the name of God, we have need of the God who overcomes on the cross, who does not conquer with violence, but with his love."

It seems to me that the God of love is much missing in our world, even among Christians who ought to know better.

Those of us who are active in the Seattle Interfaith community are stunned by this crime, and dismayed that it should happen here. After 9/11, many Seattlites "stood guard" at the local mosques, to protect them from retalliatory violence. Representatives from the Seattle Muslim community hurried to the site of the shootings, yesterday afternoon, and expressed their outrage and condemnation of this hateful act. Today, the have cancelled a silent march they had scheduled in Kirkland, to protest the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, fearing the safety of all those involved.

In a statement issued yesterday by Rev. Dr. Sandford Brown, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, he states that: "Seattle is a place of interfaith understanding and cooperation. This incident does not reflect how religious people interact here. Along with the innocent people killed and hurt, it will take many years for our interfaith work to overcome this brutal and hateful crime."


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Message of Peace from Benedict XVI - July 25, 2006

RHEMES-SAINT-GEORGES, Italy, JULY 25, 2005 ( From an address Benedict XVI delivered last Sunday during a ceremony for Mideast peace over which he presided in the church of Rhemes-Saint-Georges in the Aosta Valley

"...what we do to those who suffer, we do to the Last Judge of our life... Precisely at this time, a time of great abuse of the name of God, we have need of the God who overcomes on the cross, who does not conquer with violence, but with his love. Precisely at this time we have need of the Face of Christ to know the true Face of God and so be able to take reconciliation and light to this world. For this reason, together with love, with the message of love, we must also take the testimony of this God, of God's victory, precisely through the nonviolence of his cross."

Benedict XVI
July 25, 2006

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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