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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Kucinich Launches Presidential Bid

The Associated Press
Tuesday, December 12, 2006; 3:01 PM

CLEVELAND -- Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich launched his second bid for president on Tuesday, a long-shot candidacy fueled by his frustration with his party's effort to end the Iraq war.

"I am not going to stand by and watch thousands more of our brave, young men and women killed in Iraq," Kucinich said to applause from a crowd gathered at City Hall. "We Democrats were put back in power to bring some sanity back to our nation. "We were expected to do what we said we were going to do - get out of Iraq."

Kucinich is a six-term, liberal congressman from Cleveland... Kucinich, 60, said he was inspired to run because he disagrees with the way some of his fellow Democrats are handling the war, including approval of a proposal to spend $160 billion more on the conflict.

From _alyosha_: Now I don't expect ol' Kooch to beat out Hillary or Gore, but I will be thrilled to have him in the conversation, playing his scrappy version of "speak truth to power" in the debates.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Duncan is with the Lord

Little Duncan passed away from heart failure on Thursday, November 30, 2006. It's been very sad.

But I've since learned, through Private Revelation, that dogs *do indeed* go to heaven, and it's high time this realm of speculative theology be revisited.

Duncan tells me that Heaven isn't quite what he had imagined. It isn't at all exclusive, and they let just about anyone in. He's never seen so many "damn fools and Democrats" in his life. Obviously, he hasn't been attending our Peace and Justice meetings.

Anyway, I thought you should know.

P.S. This just in: Oswald *was* a Patsy!